KUSF is the University of San Francisco's online radio station. 

KUSF as an FM station was known both nationally and internationally for its innovative programming and approach to music. From 1963 until 2011, KUSF was a student-run broadcast station owned by the University of San Francisco. Following the frequency's sale, KUSF announced plans to become an online-only station.

Students in Media Studies and other majors are welcome to use KUSF as a recreation activity as well as a training facility. Alumni of KUSF (FM) have often been very successful in pursuit of employment in the radio and music industries.


KUSF began in 1963 as a campus-only AM station managed by the Associated Students of the University of San Francisco (ASUSF). In 1973, USF was offered an FM radio station by a small local Bible college that wished to discontinue its radio operations. USF accepted the offer and on April 25, 1977, KUSF became an FM station broadcasting on the 90.3 frequency. 

Originally broadcasting six hours a day, KUSF began broadcasting 24 hours a day in 1981. In its early days KUSF was a conventional college station, broadcasting programs of interest to the university and greater San Francisco community. However, KUSF soon garnered attention by playing new underground music: it was one of the first radio stations to play punk rock. Many now-famous acts also first gained exposure on KUSF, most notably The B-52's and Metallica.

Enjoy this vintage video from the archives (4 years old, incredible).

The Birth and Rebirth of KUSF - Julie Gentile and Michael Howard from USF Film Studies on Vimeo.