Wednesday is just another day

It's no friday or saturday, but it's still pretty cool. 

  • 1:42pm L.P. 1 by The Coneheads on L.P. 1 (None )
  • 1:58pm Points of View by Country Teasers on The Empire Strikes Back (In the Red )
  • 2:03pm Bums on a Rock by The Rebel on Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable (Sacred Bones Records)
  • 2:07pm Be Your Self by UV Race on Racism (In The Red)
  • 2:10pm Don't Go Near The River by Brainbombs on Disposal Of A Dead Body (Skrammel Records )
  • 2:14pm Bitter Defeat by Kitchen's Floor on Battle of Brisbane (Hozac Records )
  • 2:17pm Nobody Cares by Yung on Alter Out (Tough Love records)
  • 2:21pm Petrified by Straight Arrows on Rising (Hozac)
  • 2:26pm Length of Pipe by Billy Childish & Dan Melchior on Devil in the Flesh (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • 2:29pm 96 Tears by ? & The Mysterians on 96 Tears (ABKCO Music & Records )
  • 2:31pm Orange Color Queen (Live on KEXP @Pickathon) by Ty Segall on New Album (Goner )
  • 2:34pm I Think I've Had It by The Gories on I Know You Be Houserockin' (Crypt Records)
  • 2:36pm The Horseshoe by Meatraffle on Hi Fi Classics
  • 2:41pm We Like Tom Waits (Because He's Famous) by Bat-Bike on Getting Back (Trashmouth )
  • 2:44pm Hair & Perfume by Lewis Idle on Hair & Perfume (Trashmouth Records)
  • 2:47pm The Ballad of Dicky Stuss by Dick Stusso on Nashville Dreams / Sings the Blues (Vacant Stare Records)
  • 2:50pm Hard Way by Freddy Sutherland on Freddy Sutherland (Hard Feelings Records )
  • 2:53pm Lazy Day by Santo & Johnny on Volume Secondo (Duck Records)
  • 2:55pm Èsslo by Mechachief on Mechachief'd (Megafun)
This audio is no longer available.