IF Re-broadcast of # 26: Music and Literature

Italian Frequency is not broadcasting live at KUSF studio because of the current situation related to COVID-19.

I am re-broadcasting some past episodes for your enjoyment. And of course, my heart is broken for the incredible battle Italy is fighting against the outbreak. This is one way for me to keep close.

Italian Frequency # 26 (live on Oct 20th, 2019) presents musicians whose songs are inspired by literary works.  Echoes of Greek myths, Renaissance ballads, folk tales, French poetry, and clear references to works by Baudelaire, Collodi, Homer, Mallarmé, Montale, Conrad, Flaubert, etc....

  • 3:06pm L'isola che non c'è by Edoardo Bennato on Sono solo canzonette (Ref. J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan)
  • 3:08pm Il gatto e la volpe by Edoardo Bennato on Burattino senza fili (Ref. C. Collodi, Pinocchio)
  • 3:15pm La storia by Francesco De Gregori on Scacchi e tarocchi (Ref. E. Montale, La storia and E. Morante, La storia)
  • 3:19pm Volta la carta by Fabrizio De André on Rimini (Ref. italian nursery rhymes)
  • 3:23pm S'i' fosse foco by Fabrizio De André on Volume 3 (Ref. Cecco Angiolieri, S'i' fosse foco)
  • 3:28pm Ballo in Fa diesis minore by Angelo Branduardi on Camminando camminando (Ref. Italian Dance Macabre ballads)
  • 3:33pm Polpo d'amore by Vinicio Capossela on Marinai, profeti, e balene (Ref. Homer, The Odyssey)
  • 3:37pm Scirocco by Francesco Guccini on Signora Bovary (Ref. G. Flaubert, Madame Bovary)
  • 3:40pm L'elemosina by Max Gazzé on L'elemosina (Ref. S. Mallarmé, The Beggar)
  • 3:47pm L'amore e la spina by Ornella Vanoni on La voglia, la pazzia, l'inconscienza, l'allegria (Ref. V. de Moraes, Velho e a Flor)
  • 3:51pm Elettra by Carmen Consoli on Elettra (Ref. Euripedes, Electra)
  • 3:54pm La linea d'ombra by Jovanotti on Lorenzo 1997 - L'albero (Ref. J. Conrad, The Shadow Line)
  • 3:58pm Invito al viaggio by Franco Battiato on Fleurs (Ref. C. Baudelaire, Invitation to Voyage)
  • 4:01pm Madeleine by Paolo Conte on Live in Caracalla (Ref. M. Proust, In Search of Lost Time)
This audio is no longer available.