March 22, 2017

  • 3:02pm End of an Era by Puro Instinct on Autodrama
  • 3:06pm Show Me by Kristin Kontrol on X-Communicate
  • 3:10pm BELLS by SUNS
  • 3:14pm Smooth, Sensual Jazz KUSFID by
  • 3:15pm The Virtues Of Cruising by The Fucking Champs on V
  • 3:16pm Welcome To Reality by Adolescents on Adolescents
  • 3:18pm Fire Escape by SWIVS on Gringo Landfill
  • 3:20pm Los Locos by
  • 3:21pm Atlantic by The Twin Atlas on Big Spring
  • 3:25pm No Gods No Masters by Amebix on No Sanctuary
  • 3:28pm Race For The Prize by The Flaming Lips on The Soft Bulletin
  • 3:33pm Morning Routine KUSF ID by
  • 3:33pm Comet by Echo Victor on Echo Victor
  • 3:35pm Mood by The Planty Herbs
  • 3:43pm Circular Symphony by Van Damsel on Vam Damsel
  • 4:00pm Rhythm (ft. Jordan Padilla) by Polographia
This audio is no longer available.