Season 4: Episode 6

  • 7:30pm Trak 03 by DJ Lorin on World Beat Juice
  • 7:36pm Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) by Jay Z on Na (NA)
  • 7:40pm Lavender X Pillz by Baz Beats
  • 7:43pm I Feel Good by Lil Wayne
  • 7:45pm Bus Ride by Kaytranada on 99.9% (Ultra Records, LLC)
  • 7:47pm Copycat by 20syl
  • 7:53pm Mystery of Pop by Temples on Volcano (Fat Possum)
  • 7:55pm Moroccan Monsoon by The Buttertones on Gravedigging (Innovative Leisure)
  • 7:57pm 100 Joints by 2 Chainz
  • 8:01pm Raw (Feelmonger Remix) by High as Hell
  • 8:05pm Equilibrium by Bad Company UK
  • 8:06pm Genesis (Bassnectar Remix) by Grimes on Immersive Mixtape
  • 8:19pm Computer Music (pduzz Remix) by Feelmonger
  • 8:23pm Beyond Reality by The Upbeats
  • 8:39pm Angel by Massive Attack
  • 8:45pm Ms. Fat Booty (Louis Futon Remix) by Mos Def
  • 8:48pm Mood by The Planty Herbs
  • 8:55pm Mantra (Mat Zo Remix) by Noisia
This audio is no longer available.