• 4:31pm Suspiria by Goblin on Suspiria
  • 4:41pm Chop Suey by Eartheater on Chop Suey (Chemical X)
  • 4:45pm Feral Love by Chelsea Wolfe on Pain is Beauty
  • 4:49pm Winter Killing by Stina Nordenstam on The World is Saved
  • 4:55pm Golden Hair by Slowdive on Just For A Day
  • 4:59pm Algernon by nickateen on Algernon
  • 5:06pm You Without End by Deafheaven on Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
  • 5:14pm In My Garden by Swans on Children of God
  • 5:20pm Snowman by Blonde Redhead on Before
  • 5:25pm Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth on Sister (SST Records)
  • 5:32pm Babydoll by HOLE on PRETTY ON THE INSIDE
  • 5:38pm Playing Rough by Buzzed Lightbeer on Playing Rough (s/r)
  • 5:41pm Dumb by Pretty Sick on Come Down
  • 5:46pm The Last Song by Sleater-Kinney on Sleater-Kinney
  • 5:50pm Transient Life In Twilight by James Blackshaw on O True Believers