I keep talking about the weather in this one

I keep talking about the weather in this one
  • 4:31pm Daisy Lady by Tir na nog on Tir na nog
  • 4:34pm Joan Arc by Leonard Cohen on Songs Of Love and Hate
  • 4:39pm Eulogy to Lenny Bruce by Nico on Chelsea Girl
  • 4:41pm True Love Will Find In The End by Wilco on Alpha Mike Foxtrot
  • 4:50pm One For The Catholic Girls by Simon Joyner on Beautiful Losers
  • 4:53pm Bled White by Elliott Smith on XO
  • 5:02pm Rose Blood by Mazzy Star on Among My Swan
  • 5:06pm Twilight by Boa on Twilight
  • 5:12pm It's You I'm Thinking Of by Sally Dige on It's You I'm Thinking Of
  • 5:14pm It's You by Animal Collective on Prospect Hummer
  • 5:21pm I Felt Your Shape by The Microphones on The Glow, Pt. 2
  • 5:25pm Snot by Alex G on Beach Music
  • 5:26pm Turning Green by Sweet Tooth on Turning Green
  • 5:38pm Wrist by Animal Ghosts on Wil
  • 5:38pm Heartbreak Blues by Miko on Parade
  • 5:54pm Fleece by Crystal Castles on Amnesty (I)
  • 5:56pm Your Ridicule by Snow Strippers on April Mixtape 3
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