dj wednesday collab!!!!!! thank u so much for joining me this was so radical

hyperpop and electronic study overwhelming playlist :3 pls enjoy heehee

tune in next week for some hits from my burgeoning cd collection :>

xx dj thursday OUT

  • 7:32pm Don't You See by Dazegxd on Girls Love Jungle (Gum Studio)
  • 7:33pm Kyoto (Glitch Gum Remix) by Phoebe Bridgers, Glitch Gum on Kyoto (Glitch Gum Remix)
  • 7:38pm Amygdala by Ecco2k, Bladee on Amygdala (YEAR0001)
  • 7:40pm assadist pussy got me actin strange by MIMIDEATH on effective. Power (S/R)
  • 7:41pm OBSESSED by Frost Children on SPEED RUN (True Panther Records)
  • 7:43pm Lost Myself Again by Sextile on Push (sacred bones)
  • 7:45pm Billy Knows Jamie by 100 Gecs on 10,000 gecs (Dog Show Records)
  • 7:48pm Dumbest Girl Alive by 100 Gecs on 10,000 gecs (Dog Show Records)
  • 7:48pm FOX BOP by Frost Children on SPIRAL (S/R)
  • 7:49pm World Outside by Oneohtrix Point Never on Again (Ridge Valley Records)
  • 7:58pm is this love? by User-177606669 on user loves you <3 (USER INDUSTRIES CEO)
  • 7:59pm wat it feels like to get trepanned by MIMIDEATH on effective. Power (S/R)
  • 7:59pm i am now going to bark at you by thquib on 100 byaks and the Ultimate Swag (thuib records)
  • 8:01pm scawy monstews and nice spwites :3 by Fraxiom on scawy monstews and nice spwites :3 (THE FRAXIOM MUSIC SHOW)
  • 8:03pm Hëłłœ Kįttÿ by Alice Longyu Gao on Let's Hope Heteros Fail, Learn and Retire (ALICE THE LABEL)
  • 8:04pm Break This The Breaking Point 2 by Vertigoaway, Schizoscriptures on Break This Breaking Point 2 (Armada Springs)
  • 8:10pm making d****core solely because i get a dopamine hit from receiving soundcloud notifications by User-177606669 on user loves you <3 (USER INDUSTRIES CEO)
  • 8:15pm DesktopBuddy by NANORAY on TILT (S/R)
  • 8:18pm back2me *°:⋆ₓₒ by Yameii Online on back2me *°:⋆ₓₒ (Dreams Online LLC)
  • 8:21pm Dreamcore by Pathetic on Dreamcore (A+)
  • 8:24pm Haunted by Laura Les on Haunted (Dog Show Records)
  • 8:33pm Stars by Tirzah on trip9love...??? (Domino Recording)
  • 8:33pm Lexapro by Computerwife on Computerwife (Danger Collective Records)
  • 8:36pm ketamine by siouxie sixxsta on witchpop (Elektra)
  • 8:39pm Melted by thanks for coming on What is My Capacity to Love (Danger Collective)
  • 8:41pm moment by Vierre Cloud on moment (S/R)
  • 8:44pm broken by midwxst on broken (S/R)
  • 8:46pm Is It Cold In The Water? by SOPHIE on OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UN-INSIDES (MSMSMSM Inc)
  • 8:49pm goredance by KidSnorlax on goredance (suwucide)
  • 8:52pm exit life by funeral on exit life (S/R)
  • 8:55pm mixd up by i9bonsai, blackwinterwells, 8485 on mixd up (2280435 Records DK)
  • 8:59pm Good Luck by Diane Coffee on Internet Arms
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