Show #54 - Convulsing, Sun Worship, True Love, Ails ...

  • 3:05pm Farewell by Boris on Pink (Southern Lord)
  • 3:12pm Dis by Convulsing on Errata (n/a)
  • 3:23pm Pale Allegiance by Dargar on The Shores of Space (Rising Beast Recordings)
  • 3:27pm Pale Dawn by Sun Worship on Pale Dawn (Golden Antenna Records)
  • 3:46pm Infected by A Flourishing Scourge on As Beauty Fades Away (Begitten Records)
  • 3:53pm Dead Metaphors by Ails on single (n/a)
  • 4:10pm Skin Hunger I by Ruin Lust on s/t (n/a)
  • 4:17pm Body Asleep by True Love on To Pray for Perpetual Violence (Attic Age)
  • 4:22pm Chains of War / Dance of Death by Kriegszittern on split w/ Minenfeld (Caligari Records)
  • 4:29pm Morning Routine KUSF ID by
  • 4:29pm Heavy Metal Suicide by Ringo Deathstarr on Pure Mood
This audio is no longer available.