a little love

a little love
  • 2:59pm Plastic Sun by Sonic Youth on Murray St.
  • 3:03pm Nuthin' Like That by Buzzed Lightbeer on Nuthin' Like That
  • 3:05pm Shed by Title Fight on Shed
  • 3:09pm Pancake by Swirlies on Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
  • 3:12pm Mysterons by Portishead on dummy
  • 3:17pm Underwear by Pulp on Different Class
  • 3:24pm One More Hour by Sleater-Kinney on Dig Me Out
  • 3:28pm Young Offenders by Life Without Buildings on Any Other City
  • 3:31pm Petals by Hole on Celebrity Skin
  • 3:41pm Another Story Girl by Stina Nordenstam on Memories of a Color
  • 3:45pm Though I've Never Seen You by Alsace Lorraine on Through Small Windows
  • 3:48pm Sepiatone by Sepiatone on In Sepiatone
  • 3:54pm Her Garden by PACKS on Melt the Honey
  • 3:56pm the lonely girl by Winter on the lonely girl
  • 4:00pm Wicked Game by Chris Isaak on Heart Shaped World
  • 4:11pm Absolutely Cuckoo by The Magnetic Fields on 69 Love Songs
  • 4:12pm I'd Have You Anytime by George Harrison on All Things Must Pass
  • 4:18pm Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen on New Skin For The Old Ceremony
  • 4:23pm Who Knows Where the Time Goes by Nina Simone on Just Like a Woman
This audio is no longer available.