• 6:00pm Stoney Creation by Summer Hits on Beaches and Canyons (Xmas)
  • 6:02pm Unit A by Violent Change on 3 (Melters)
  • 6:06pm Time Being by Surface To Air Missive on NA (LEaving)
  • 6:11pm Ruby by Sneakers on NA (NA)
  • 6:14pm Independence Day by Bachs on NA (na)
  • 6:17pm The Third Time by Robert MArtin on Long Goodbye (Yik Yak)
  • 6:21pm Love is All Around by Troggs on NA (NA)
  • 6:27pm Its So Easy by Ted Lucas on st (Drag city)
  • 6:27pm There is no Other Place by International Harvestor on Sov Gott Rose-MArie (NA)
  • 6:30pm Nothing Much to Lose by My Bloody Valentine on Isnt anything (Creation)
  • 6:31pm N.N End (live) by Mars on NA (NA)
  • 6:35pm 12XU (fragment) by Wire on Document and Eyewitness (Mute)
  • 6:42pm The Creator Has a Master Plan by Leon THomas on Facets (NA)
This audio is no longer available.