October 12, 2017

  • 3:00pm Old Poisons by Mogwai on Every Country's Sun
  • 3:08pm I'll See You Later I Guess (Album) by Papercuts on Fading Parade
  • 3:13pm Phone call KUSF ID by
  • 3:13pm Like It Like That by A Tribe Called Quest on The Love Movement
  • 3:16pm Paleomagnetic by C^VES on Bleeding Rainbow
  • 3:21pm Weed Master by The Corner Girls on POPCORN
  • 3:25pm USFTV fall 2017 by
  • 3:26pm Into the Night by Death By Unga Bunga on On Tour Now w/ Stiff Little Fingers! Supporting the New Sing
  • 3:29pm Modern Age by Sonny on Moods Baby Moods