October 19, 2016

  • 10:00am Someone To Lose by Wilco on Schmilco
  • 10:03am You Should Know by Vision on Inertia
  • 10:05am Rollerskate by Matias Aguayo on Rollerskate
  • 10:11am Karstein's House Kusf ID by
  • 10:12am One Shot by Adolescents on Adolescents
  • 10:15am Breathing 2015 Version by Bassnectar on Into The Sun
  • 10:18am Held by Young Magic on Still Life
  • 10:22am Los Locos by
  • 10:22am Mama by Headwaves on Headwaves
  • 10:25am Yeah Right by Toro y Moi on What For?
  • 10:35am Do Your Best (Featuring Mos Def) by Femi Kuti on Fight To Win
  • 10:41am Ford Washy Kusf ID by
  • 10:41am 20 Blocks Down by SWIVS on Gringo Landfill
  • 10:45am u like me (paris jones) by Tails
  • 10:49am Sallie Mae by East Cameron Folkcore on For Sale
  • 10:54am DJ Flip Promo by Tom Flippin on Tom Flippin's Album
  • 10:54am Evil Dead by Mourn on Ha, Ha, He.
  • 10:56am After Tomorrow by Black Keys on Turn Blue
This audio is no longer available.