welcome back !

school has begun again and i am spiraling mentally

  • 7:26pm knights in white satin pt.1 by giorgio moroger on knights in white satin (island def)
  • 7:30pm song for me by greer on song for me (.)
  • 7:36pm way you walk by blaise eldred on sexpop (.)
  • 7:39pm dreamgaze by castlebeat on castlebeat (spirit goth)
  • 7:44pm detroit rock by mattiel on customer copy (burger)
  • 7:47pm outer space by john maus on addendum (ribbon)
  • 7:50pm canned heat by jamiroquai on syrkronized (sony)
  • 7:54pm could you be loved by bob marley on uprising (island def)
  • 8:00pm what you wont do for love by bobby caldwell on what you wont do for love (big deal)
  • 8:05pm partners in motion by wild nothing on indigo (captured tracks)
  • 8:12pm crush culture by conan gray on sunset season (.)
  • 8:16pm just like my by homeshake on just like my (sinderlyn)
  • 8:19pm tournament hill by temporex on tournament hill (.)
  • 8:23pm heavy by powers on heavy (republic)
  • 8:25pm so stoned by thin lips on chosen family (lame-o)
  • 8:31pm sabiĆ” by antonio carlos jobim on stone flower (sony)
  • 8:35pm san francisco street by sun rai on pocket music (.)
  • 8:38pm fat duck by rose droll on your dog (father/daughter)
  • 8:42pm teardrop by massive attack on mezzanine (virgin)
  • 8:45pm hadron collider by blood orange on freetown sound (domino)
This audio is no longer available.