IF # 14 - Sanremo Festival Yes or No? Trends and Counter-trends

Tonight, a show dedicated to the oldest and largest music festival in Italy: il Festival di Sanremo. As the 69th edition is currently broadcast on Italian TVs (from February 5th through the 9th), Italian Frequency proposes an eclectic and unconventional Sanremo's playlist: the most memorable performances, either because first (Carmen Consoli) or last (Mina) or whistled at (Vasco Rossi, and others) or provocative (Rino Gaetano, Sottotono, etc), and lots of counter-trends (songwriting, rock and rap) against the melodic-pop mainstream.

  • 6:04pm L e mille bolle blu by Mina on L'oro di Mina
  • 6:10pm Un'avventura by Lucio Battisti on Collection
  • 6:16pm Ma che freddo fa by Nada on Nada
  • 6:19pm 4/3/1943 by Lucio Dalla on Lucio Dalla
  • 6:26pm Un'emozione da poco by Anna Oxa on Anna Oxa
  • 6:29pm Gianna by Rino Gaetano on Nuntereggae più
  • 6:33pm Vacanze romane by Matia Bazar on Tango
  • 6:38pm Vita spericolata by Vasco Rossi on Bollicine
  • 6:45pm Nuovo swing by Enrico Ruggeri on Tutto Ruggeri
  • 6:48pm Canzone triste by Zucchero on Rispetto
  • 6:52pm Confusa e felice by Carmen Consoli on L'anfiteatro e la bambina impertinente
  • 7:01pm Dormi e sogna by Avion Travel on Vivo di canzoni
  • 7:03pm Luce (Tramonti a nord est) by Elisa on Lotus
  • 7:09pm Tutti i miei sbagli by Subsonica on Microchip emozionale
  • 7:13pm L'assenzio (The Power Of Nothing) by Bluvertigo on Pop Tools
  • 7:16pm Mezze verità by Sottotono on Le più belle canzoni dei Sottotono
  • 7:20pm Rivoluzione by Frankie hi-nrg mc on DePrimoMaggio
  • 7:24pm Ragazzi fuori by Clementino on Vulcano
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