grimes please run me over with a tesla

please im begging you p pleas e e

  • 7:20pm el dorado by choker on peak (.)
  • 7:34pm that's who's really pointing at me by naked giants on green fuzz (new west)
  • 7:38pm jawbreaker by injury reserve, rico nasty, pro teens on jawbreaker (loma vista)
  • 7:41pm all night long by homeshake on helium (sinderlyn)
  • 7:44pm lost in the shadows (the lost boys) by lou gramm on lost boys ost (atlantic)
  • 7:48pm cherry blossom by club kuru on cherry blossom (dog holiday)
  • 7:54pm teen idle by marina on electra heart (679)
  • 7:57pm San Fransisco by Boyo on you & me (dance alone)
  • 8:01pm body chemistry by the drums on body chemistry (anti)
  • 8:03pm lysander by heaters on suspended youth (beyond beyond is beyond )
  • 8:09pm crash by entractre twist on entractre twist (requiem pour un twister)
  • 8:12pm kill v. maim by grimes on art angels (4ad)
  • 8:17pm i think we're alone now by tiffany on tiffany (mca)
  • 8:21pm babbadook by inner wave on underwater+ (.)
  • 8:27pm trashbag baby by swmrs on berkeley's on fire (fueled by ramen)
  • 8:32pm we're through by the hollies on 20 golden greats (parlophone)
  • 8:34pm never never gonna give you up by barry white on stone goin' (20th century)
  • 8:36pm karma police by radiohead on ok computer (xl)
  • 8:52pm Crutch (CLEAN) by The Frights on Hypochondriac (CLEAN)
  • 8:54pm I Want To Be With You by The Creation Factory on The Creation Factory
  • 8:58pm The Waste Of Suns by Moby on Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
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