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come groove with me ~
she's back and she's a little more modest and somehow even more abrasive than before
I love everything EXCEPT country * *see Spongebob Squarepants episode about Texas
some indie rock with a splash of r&b
What are you still doing up. Go to bed.
playing the purest, loaf-iest tracks out there
wake up & break into the day!!
let's get into some trouble
come hang w me in my room i got a bean bag chair
kurdish underwater basket weaving forum approved music taste.
Tune in for good music and talking segments!
Heyyy!! Come tune in and listen to the songs I'm most likely only listening to on repeat all week while I also chat about any and everything
For the head-empty who just wanna listen to some nice tunes for a bit
move outta the way i'm tryna listen to the radio >:^( !
Join me! The moon is only rising 🌒
its good to see you again, i missed you.
into the pigeonhole with you