This show is about anything from love ballads, blast beats, guttural snarls, California sunshine, Northern darkness, dirty blues, Zappa, Vikings, and MORE. How does these connect, you ask? It all centers around one thing: RIFF.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Omnitempo Maximalism is a show of truly all tempos & genres. Tune in for an eclectic hour of awkward mic breaks, head banging, and maybe some air horns here and there to keep it hype. Thanks for listening mom and dad :)
A girl from the south lays down some good music with some southern charm along the way.
The work week starts off a little better with some hand-selected nuggets of sonic joy, delivered by the irrepressible DJ David. Tune in every Monday at 1 PM!
Your Tuesday habit
some Cat was laying down some rock n roll ....
Waste your time with your favorite Gildo.
feast on this.
mostly music & a lil bit of talk!
Yallen the studio bringing you a healthy heap of musical diversity. Funk, rock, psychedelia, actual jazz, soundtrack, blues, rap, r&b from all over.
Brewed Beats is a collection of different indie electronic, hip-hop, and alternative music curated by Dean William. javascript:
A little bit funky, A little bit groovy, kind of like The Rock in a fanny pack or eight year old me just...chillin.
some indie rock with a splash of r&b
let's get into some trouble
Organic jams straight from the source. Listen in for a little bit of melodic vitamins.
A lot of rambling accompanied by some good music
kurdish underwater basket weaving forum approved music taste.
Blues, folk, and soul for Saturday nights
lots and lots of rock
K.K. Slider isn't real, unfortunately, but DJ India will give you the next best thing with the fresh, organic, hand-picked tracks!
it's all happening!
sit back, relax, and absorb
forcing all of my fav songs onto you (and hoping that you enjoy) <3
Join me! The moon is only rising 🌒
hey hey hey!
this is a safe space for mans or muppets (muppets preferred)
its good to see you again, i missed you.
We are literally raving, same time every week.