The Secret Diaries of a Gay Gynecologist in Paris

    Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 noon listen to an episode of "The Secret Diaries of a Gay Gynecologist in Paris." A memoir, a comedy, a tragedy: A tragecomedy. Follow the gay gynecologist, born in San Francisco to parents from Spain, as he moves to 'The City of Romance," and discover what it's like to move to modern day France. Live, love and work in France as a Frenchman and NOT as an expat! Is it like in the gazillion books we've read about Paris? From Honore de Balzac to Emile Zola, from Gertrude Stein to James Baldwin, from Victor Hugo to Ernest Hemingway... come on, what is Paris really like? If you wanna see the real-deal of contemporary France, listen to this show!

    If you love France, adore Paris and cherish the French language, listen in! Apprenez le francais contemporain!

    If you love seeing what really goes on behind closed doors in hospitals and want to take a peep at what goes on in a doctor's mind, tune in! What about a gynecologist's??

    If you agree that a gay man is a girl's best friend, this is the show for you!

      The Secret Diaries of a Gay Gynecologist in Paris