Weekly talk shot hosted by Joe Bodie and Daniel Lalley.
A little bit funky, A little bit groovy, kind of like The Rock in a fanny pack or eight year old me just...chillin.
The Seeds You Sow is a high energy talk radio show made up of eclectic voices offering a creative yet critical perspective to social issues, current events, and modern day Black culture. Each show we offer a "seed of the day" where there is a current topic that is highlighted and thoroughly discussed. We also review books, films, music, and interview local Activists, Artists, and Entrepreneurs who are planting seeds of greatness within their local communities. Tune in and take root, into something that will for surely nourish your mind and engage your soul!
ignatian lit mag's illegitimate son; home of literary-ish banter, rabbit holes of fantasy-series-you-had-somehow-forgotten-about, and Hot Takes on the poetry locale.