The Seeds You Sow

  • Sundays, 10:30am12:00pm

The show's name was Inspired by the parable of the ‘seed and sower.’ It is important to keep in my mind what type of seeds we are planting in today’s media. Symbolically, these seeds of information that we offer have potential to take root in one’s mind and bring forth thoughts/beliefs that will influence their outlook and action as they navigate throughout the world. The purpose behind this show, is to plant seeds of hope, knowledge, motivation, insight, and empowerment. By doing this, we aim to have people take root in these seeds by blossoming and bringing forth, justice, love, and action in their own personal lives and the communities in which they live in.

The Seeds You Sow
10:30am, 12-9-2018
10:30am, 12-2-2018