Lavin La Vida Loca

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     Originally from the Bay Area, DJ Lavioli is back from Southern California and better than ever*. Lover of a variety of genres, you can expect some solid classics from the 1960s and 70s with a sprinkle of weird finds and a dash of me watching and reviewing Grown Ups 2. Every Week. For 53 weeks.

Also included in this weekly broadcast are these amazing features!

-Concert Ticket Giveaways

-Local Bands to Look Out For

-Events Happening Around USF

-Places to Check Out in the Bay Area

-Listen to Sarah Forget Her Name on Air

-The Very Interesting* Story of How I First Heard this Song

-Listen to Sarah Forget English On Air

-Shameless Promotion of My Talented Friends

-I Love Jackie Chan

-Here's A Movie!! Go See It!

-Genuine Human Connection™

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Sarah Lavin aka DJ Lavioli


Lavin La Vida Loca