Punk rock and some other stuff
Whiny senior art student cries into microphone for an hour an a half with short breaks for indie rock and punk.
Three friends bumble through their confusions and frustrations as unrefined adults having no idea what to do with their lives
A show about love, loss, and discovery...
just here to satisfy the hangry.
let's rock and roll!
spinning fire tunes and sick beats every friday. start your weekend off right with avocado toast.
mostly music & a lil bit of talk!
some indie rock with a splash of r&b
Some music to bob your head to..or stare out the car window reflectively..
come groove with me ~
*has an undying love for turtlenecks and classic rock.
Open to brewery sponsorship.
Your friendly talk show live on the air every week. With new stories, music and commentary, its the best show around.
I love everything EXCEPT country * *see Spongebob Squarepants episode about Texas
Aren't Fridays the best? Running down the clock, waiting for the weekend? TGIF, amirite? Turns out Fridays are even better with some dope tunes, hand-selected nuggets of sonic joy delivered by DJ David. Tune in every Friday at noon!
This show will have a bunch of interminglings between old and new in mostly indie, glam rock, alternative, folk, hip/hop... you'll hear music by The Kinks, Thao Nguyen, Whitney, David Bowie, Moby, Jungle Brothers, girlpool and the like.
If you're interested in exploring new artists and genres, come by and have a listen! I'll be playing new songs and artists every show and hopefully, some of those would go into YOUR playlist! Come join me on this musical journey :)
A girl from the south lays down some good music with some southern charm along the way.
hell yeah rock n roll is political, baybee !!!
move w/ me
This show consists of new and old under-appreciated gems from around the world. My personal collection includes a lot of bosa nova, R&B and folk punk. I will also be shedding light on undiscovered sounds ranging from vintage underground to hip-hop and acid jazz to electronica. More importantly, I will be getting down to the root of the long-established sounds and principles of rock, jazz, etc. that have paved the way for our generation.
Nothing but distortion, feedback, and ethereal melodies. Food for Clouds features the best guitar-laden shoegaze and dream pop from the last 30 years.
music you might be able to mosh to but probably not
Weekly talk shot hosted by Joe Bodie and Daniel Lalley.
Your Tuesday habit
Into the Void brings you heavy, mostly underground, music - Black metal, Sludge, Industrial, Noise, Post-metal. It can be pretty, if you turn it up loud. Except when it's not pretty, not at all. But don't turn it back down!
Genre is a social construct.
Stay tuned for independent, local, eccentric, and free format music playlists!
A little bit funky, A little bit groovy, kind of like The Rock in a fanny pack or eight year old me just...chillin.
Read about a band in some local page, but it didn't mention their name? Chances are you can hear them on Left of the Dial on KUSF!
Who: Mack and Joe What: Sports Talk Show When: Tuesday 9-10AM Where: KUSF HQ Why: San Francisco has some dreary weather. We are here to light it up with scorching hot sports takes. No team is safe, no genre is off limits and anything can happen.
A groovy exploration of the generalized anxieties I face while tackling the day to day struggles of spunky millennials.
playin' in the plastic pool with the plastic people every saturday of the week (Miami Pool Party is the summer edition of 'Miami Plastic.' Same show, same DJ, different name for thematic aesthetic of course.)
DJ Mae-b and Mother Rucker will be gracing your nights with the latest and greatest new music, as well as classics from day's past. Not only will they be serving sick tunes but also some solid Motherly advice so listen up children.
Playing the soundscapes of neon lights and reverie.
(A test show for website development...)
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Omnitempo Maximalism is a show of truly all tempos & genres. Tune in for an eclectic hour of awkward mic breaks, head banging, and maybe some air horns here and there to keep it hype. Thanks for listening mom and dad :)
An eclectic mix with Zac the Knife.
playing the purest, loaf-iest tracks out there
Welcome to my show! I play full albums and provide running commentary, added context, and fun facts while you hear some great music.
some Cat was laying down some rock n roll ....
This show is about anything from love ballads, blast beats, guttural snarls, California sunshine, Northern darkness, dirty blues, Zappa, Vikings, and MORE. How does these connect, you ask? It all centers around one thing: RIFF.
my show can be described as one hundred "100" emojis in a row
midday mellow melodies
TUES 6-7PM (pst) hosted by Peacers GTR/VOX and SF long-term fully qualified survivor- Mike Donovan. Pole-funk, Wind-cap, Trad-prole, Laze-core, Mite-rock, Vibe-out, Reed-bend, Puzzlement, Cypher-mix, Hop-neck, Ed-smash_ist, Old fi, Sub-lingualism, Acid-clam, Internetist-ism, 3H, Deadheadery, Bushes, New Anti-Bushes, BLO-bisch, Scandal void, Peacement, Scarab-Roll, Bio-rec, Chris Morris, Logo-bore, Basement and Whyle-punk are just some of the genres employed or ignored here, within the crosswalk. Shows archived weekly @ www.mixcloud.com/folding
I don't know what's going on, but to be fair, neither do you
Just anotha soul sister groovin' through your radio frequencies.
Tune into the Supersonic Sounds of Slaw every Wednesday night from 9-11pm
It's kinda like a live podcast in a lot of ways. I gather my friends, both near and far, to become to super Santini network and we play music, tell jokes flip on dope rare vinyls and sometimes discuss basketball. Start your week off super.
A radio show and podcast about anything writerly from the MFA program in writing at USF.
In the Taboo Hour, you'll never know what we're going to talk about (or play) but rest assured this will be an exciting show! Join us Friday mornings from 9:00-10:30!! A show so fantabulous that an hour actually stretches out to 90 min!!
dj tenderbeats bringing you some good music !!
Come find out what kind of garbage they allow on college radio w your favorite trash boi. You won't be disappointed! Good gal w mostly great tunes for those late Wednesday nights
Mostly jazz, hiphop, and funk.
Today's hits and some hidden gems. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Enjoy!
Look out, honey - it's the big black witchcraft rock!
What are you still doing up. Go to bed.
Music for grandpa and grandma, or the old at heart. <3 Bringing you all of the beloved classics.
An audiomemoir in 15-20 minute episodes. A gay gynecologist abandons everything in the search of love and happiness and moves to Paris, and things don't go as expected.
The Seeds You Sow is a high energy talk radio show made up of eclectic voices offering a creative yet critical perspective to social issues, current events, and modern day Black culture. Each show we offer a "seed of the day" where there is a current topic that is highlighted and thoroughly discussed. We also review books, films, music, and interview local Activists, Artists, and Entrepreneurs who are planting seeds of greatness within their local communities. Tune in and take root, into something that will for surely nourish your mind and engage your soul!
A radio talk show focusing and providing commentary on race, class, gender, sexuality, currents events, and pop culture. We play all sorts of music ranging from KPop to Motown.
Waste your time with your favorite Gildo.
hey humans! tune-in for some special picks from yours truly! yes noise guaranteed X
Come flex your ears. Training young jenny's and jake's to help build some muscle on those legs.
Tune in and zone out my dudes!!
Yallen the studio bringing you a healthy heap of musical diversity. Funk, rock, psychedelia, actual jazz, soundtrack, blues, rap, r&b from all over.